Sunday, 12 August 2007

Zattoo on Ubuntu Feisty

Zattoo is a program that allows us to see streaming TV channels over Internet.

It is unfortunately closed source.

Let's go to official Zattoo web page:

Check on your language flag to see what channels are available to see at your zone.

Register to obtain zattoo program:

After registering, select linux and download zattoo deb file:
e.g: zattoo-

Now install the deb file:
$sudo dpkg -i zattoo-

I get dependency problems:
zattoo needs libgtkglext1 and libxul0d but those are not installed.

We install those required packages:
$sudo aptitude install libgtkglext1 libxul0d

Once dependencies are solved zattoo package configures automatically.
If that does not happen, then exec:
$sudo dpkg --configure zattoo

Download and install the Adobe Flash plugin from if you have not it on your system yet.


introduce your zattoo login (used when registering) and enjoy!

NOTE: To obtain new zattoo versions when they will be available, go to zattoo page, click on login word near country flags, and introduce your email and password.

NOTE: If you wanna know on which ports zattoo is listening, exec this command:
$sudo netstat -l -p -e | grep -i zattoo

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