Sunday, 17 June 2007

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Changing X resolution

$xrandr #shows all available resolutions
SZ: Pixels Physical Refresh
*0 1024 x 768 ( 271mm x 203mm ) *61
1 800 x 600 ( 271mm x 203mm ) 73
2 640 x 480 ( 271mm x 203mm ) 73

now, to switch to 800x600 resolution we can exec:

$xrandr -s 1


$xrandr --size 800x600

wait for 5 secs and voila! resolution changed!

NOTE: another way to change resolution is pressing ctrl+alt++ or ctrl+alt+- keys

NOTE: this command is very useful to change qemu X-windows resolution when it is bigger than your screen.

Listing file sizes in human readable form:

ls -l # shows file sizes, usually in bytes.

if you want to list them in a more readable way type:

ls -lh

NOTE: this "h" switch option also works with other commands like df, du, etc.

Obtaining an ISO file from a CDRom

You need to now what device your cdrom drive is associated to: (In this example will be /dev/sdX)

exec this command:
dd if=/dev/sdX of=cdrom_image.iso bs=1000000

that makes a byte by byte copy from /dev/sdX device (our cdrom) to cdrom_image.iso file in 1000000 bytes size chunks.

NOTE: Change bs argument to suit your needs. That value has effect on the speed the copy is performed.

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