Sunday, 20 May 2007

Comparison of Linux distributions

Wikipedia: Comparison of Linux distributions.

Each Distro has a package managing system, and uses a package format, i.e:

deb for Debian,
rpm for Fedora(Red Hat),
tgz for Slackware,

Package management tools:

Debian: apt, aptitude

Fedora: rpm, yum

OpenSuse: rpm, zipper

Mandrake: rpm, urpm

Gentoo: emerge

Some distros act as base for other derived distros:

Debian (base) -> Ubuntu

Fedora (base) -> Centos

Some distros are backed by an enterprise:

Ubuntu by Canonical Ltd.

Fedora by Red Hat

Most distros distribute binary packages, but Gentoo distribute source code files which you compile in your system.

Linux from Scratch is a guide to build your own GNU/Linux based system.

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Pablo said...

There's a nice article on about the meaning of the word distro, and talking about what a distro is/is not.

Enjoy it!